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Do you have ship built in Poland? Does your ship need reconstruction of old or lost Polish equipment documentation? Would you like to get assistance with Polish equipment data input into your ship management software?
Or do you need documentation in another language version?

Perhaps solution is here.

For many years we have been collecting our library of spare parts catalogues, instruction books, for new and old editions. We keep continuous contact with factory designers to clarify almost every question.Computer

Lot of interesting notes and memories from our experience, are organized into databases in our computers. For example, file for codes various versions of Sulzer licensed engines built in Poland includes about 10.000 records. We have made big effort to trace equivalent replacements for Sulzer, Polish engine builder and their independent suppliers for as many spare parts as was possible.

Jastra is able to convert your spare parts printed catalogue or instructions into electronic form in the most popular formats. Scanners and optical text recognition (OCR) programs are tools for such tasks. However, if documents quality does not allow OCR technology, to arrange manual retyping is always possible.

Old data needed now?

We are rather conservative in the use of computer technology in our business. Well, if new technology is needed, we will use it, but not before it is needed.
5 1/2" floppy diskett station and some good, programs from old times we still have working in one of our boxes.
It is very possible, your old data, written in many years ago and badly needed now, we can read, save them in format required by your needs and return you on CD or by e-mail.

It has happened us to extract data from dying disk with perfect result, however, for this service best is to contact real professionals.

Do you have another suggestion?
Please, let us know. Many thanks in advance.

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