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Warszawa, 18.01.2001.


Ministerstwo Rolnictwa i Rozwoju Wsi (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development)

ul. Wspólna 30 00-930 Warszawa

Consumer Federation wishes to attract Your attention to the need of regulation of consumable eggs market, eggs classification, segregation and marking containing besides quality classes also kind of laying hens keeping.

It conforms also with European Union suggestion recommanding placement of certain marks informing about type of laying hens keeping. The regulation of the European Commission provides introduction of five sorts of such eggs, ie.: ecological, produced in half-industrial farms, laid by hens kept in hen house without cages, from hen houses equipped with roosts, and from mass - battery breeding.

Quality of consumable eggs sold in Poland is defined by Polish Standard PN-A-86503:1998 „Produkty drobiarskie - Jaja spożywcze" (Poultry products - consumable eggs), which is not demanded for obligatory use.

Up to now, there is no statute defining rules of ecological agriculture (in Poland).

At the same time, many producers, distributors of eggs or merchants use terms "ecologic", "organic", "natural" only as advertisement trick, but not as confirmation of real product of ecological farm. Such kind of activity confuses the consumer and make impossible to make aware choice.

There is growing number of people bothering not only quality, but also origin ("ecologicality") of food or uses various diets, among other vegetarian.

In our opinion, introduction of full marking of eggs, or at least their packeges will be advantageous both for consumers and for producers using traditional and ecological animals keeping.

As attachment we are sending information forwarded by Poznań Fundation "Animals and We".

With Respect

President of the National Council

For information:
Poznań Fundation "Animals and We" (Zwierzęta i My), ul. Dąbrowskiego 25 m.3 60-840 Poznań, Poland

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