Introduction: fragment of  letter from Ministry of Environment Protection of 04.11.97

"According to art. 8 ust. 1 pkt. 6 of the Statute dated 18th of April 1985 on inland fisheries, it is forbidden to fish with electric tools not conforming with valid standards. The valid one in this matter is the Branch Standard BN-74/919701 "Electric equipment in fishery. Equipment for fishing and barriers for fish way in inland waters" However, it does not exclude usage of electric equipment supplied with alternate current.

The electric fishing equipment presently used in inland fishery is supplied with direct current creating electric field, which causes only electronarcosis effect of short duration, depending on fish total lenght"

I have read this standard and drawn following conclusions:

A. Standard BN-74/9197-01 does not contain:

B. Standard BN-74/9197-01 does contain:

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