The Human Body Underwater

What could feel more natural than falling into clear blue water and descending to 20 or 30 metres? The human body, ever adept at survival, performs the most remarkable feats while we descend ever lower, oblivious to everything but the magical world we are in...

But before we get into the heavy scuba-related stuff, read this, this is amazing!


The following is a brief description of the physical changes that actually occurred to Francisco Pipin Ferreras during his World Record Breaking breathold dive... this amazing man went down to 127.5 metres in 95 seconds on one breath of air (Key Largo, Florida, 1994). His training for this dive took 22 years and he had logged 550 free dives...


The information in this section has been simplified and abbreviated for ease of reading. Full length explanations of the terms below are available from most Dive Schools.

If you have any basic medical questions related to diving that you'd like answered, check out this site:

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