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Aviation Industry Corporation PZL (Zjednoczenie Przemyslu Lotniczego i Silnikowego Państwowe Zakłady Lotnicze) was established in 60-ties of XX century by Polish communist government. It was organized as management and trade organization over group of aviation and mechanical industry enterprises, in majority built in late 30-ties of XX century, just before the 2nd World War, as part of the state Central Industrial Area (COP) project in Poland.
The project's original idea was to give foundation for development of Polish modern military industry and at the same time social development of poor, rural region, plagued by overpopulation and unemployment.

The corporation grouped following enterprises, among which, many of them produced equipment for marine applications:

The corporation is dissolved long time ago, however factories still exist and continue majority of production lines. Some are divided into formally independent companies, some are still state-owned, some are denationalized and sold to another, often not Polish corporations. Some currently are managed by heavy hand of state military corporation BUMAR.

Some enterprises have discontinued to support their old products.

Jastra Co. Ltd. offers delivery of marine equipment and spares produced by factories, which have existed before under WSK PZL corporate name. Or at least we promise to try to find solution.

You are welcome to drop us e-mail, if there is requirement for the above mentioned equipment.

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We offer reasonable pricing with packing included, fast delivery and short distance to international airport and worldwide speditors.

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