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DOS Browsers

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Security Issues

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Does Your Browser Give Out Your Email Address?

Pascal's Header-Echo

*** The Browsers ***


Nettamer's Home Page: http://people.delphi.com/davidcolston

Nettamer Newsgroup: alt.comp.shareware.nettamer

Nettamer frequently asked questions: http://www.landfield.com/faqs/off-line-readers/net-tamer

Simtel's Nettamer directory: http://www.simtel.net/simtel.net/msdos/nettamer-pre.html

From the 386 description file...

Net-Tamer is a PPP dial up access program, which requires no TSR packet driver. It will web browse, get/send your email, get/send usenet messages, FTP upload/download a file, TELNET to another internet address, or check the time and date. It is a both robot and a navigator. It will get email and usenet groups, then log off so you can use the included offline reader, or you can choose to stay on and look around. It will also do a download/ upload of mail or usenet on a timer. The program is speech friendly to users of talking programs for the visually impaired. There are other versions for XT/286 PC's and HP100/200 or OG700 PDA's. This version has optional graphics and sound support.

For additional help or information subscribe to the Nettamer mailing list. Just send email to nettamer-request@dekan.com with the words subscribe nettamer or unsubscribe nettamer in the message area (the subject line is not important).

Arachne's Home Page: http://www.naf.cz/arachne/

Direct to Download Page: http://www.naf.cz/arachne/download.htm

Setting up the Arachne Browser: http://warhawk.com/aracset.htm


A DOS graphical browser. Arachne features both built-in and external support for mail, telnet, ftp, news, gopher, finger, plug-ins (external companion programs), built-in editor, jpeg conversion, mpeg player, sound and more...

In addition, Arachne has the ability to change video resolution "on the fly" from 640x480x256 through 1024x768x256. Support for EGA is also provided. There is also developing CGA support for desktop PCs, and for future compatibility for embedded devices (which often use LCD screens).

Also noteworthy is the speed of the html parsing for this Browser which is about as fast as for any rendering engine available today.

One powerful and unique feature to this program is it's implementation of the DGI protocol (DOS Gateway Interface). DGI enables any local WEB (intranet), with full CGI scripting capabilities.

For additional support or information on Arachne, consider subscribing to the mailing list. Just send email to listserv@main.naf.cz with the words subscribe arachne or unsubscribe arachne in the message area (the subject line is not important).


Get Bobcat: http://www.fdisk.com/doslynx/getbobcat.htm

Home Page: What is Bobcat?: http://www.fdisk.com/doslynx/bobcat.htm

Strongly based on Unix's Lynx, Bobcat is a text web browser incorporating many of the features that has made Lynx a favorite among many users. Its' ability to handle forms and view most html pages is already well developed.

In addition to Web browser support, Gopher and FTP are included.

This quick and versatile program can call other browsers and internet applications as 'helper' programs extending support to all facets of Internet access. External DOS programs can be called as viewers for various extensions while a number of command-line switches allow 'sculpturing' your online sessions.

Also serves as an ideal 'intranet' solution (for local browsing) and document conversions.

Spin's Home Page: http://www.spin.saturnus.nl/engels

The Saturnus Support Server, the online SPIN support site

Welcome to the Saturnus Support Server

Future enhancements to SPIN: http://www.spin.saturnus.nl/engels/future.html

The description of Spin, based on their Web Page:

SPIN, Saturnus Personal Internet Navigator, is a graphical Web Browser and Editor for DOS. With this browser you can connect to the Internet -- from DOS -- to any Internet Service Provider. The connection may be either SLIP or PPP based. There is also support for Ethernet connections to the Internet.

SPIN is suited to run on relatively light computers. A 386 with four megabytes of memory is all you need to access the Internet from a graphical perspective. All this without the overwhelming demands of todays' GUI Interfaces.

This browser currently supports about eighty percent of the most common html-codes. There is support for Tables, different types of fonts, animated graphics. Support extends to the standard gif and jpg formats and much more... In addition, use of extended memory allows SPIN to work with very large html documents effectively.

Unix Lynx - DOS port

The venerable Unix Lynx as been ported to DOS. Under active development, this Browser stands positioned as an important tool for DOS users to effectively connect to the World Wide Web. The documentation on the Web pages state a developmental progress mirroring the Unix Lynx development.

The Lynx for DOS 386+ (and Win32) page at http://www.fdisk.com/doslynx/lynxport.htm will provide you with all the details, binaries, source and setup information.

A list of supported urls types can be found at "URL Schemes Supported in Lynx" from the "Lynx Help Menu Page".

There is also an archive of the mailing list messages at "Lynx Developers list archives" in html and mailbox format. Or click here to learn how to subscribe directly to the list.

A screen shot of Lynx from the main development page above: lynx3861.gif, 9k

Caldera WebSpyder

Special note: A pre-release beta version of The Caldera WebSpyder is available at http://www.deltasoft.com/djgpp_special.html.

The Caldera WebSpyder is a customized version of the Arachne Browser for DOS which uses Novell Client components and the Caldera Dialer to access the Internet. Fully DOS compatible, Caldera WebSpyder will also appear on embedded systems such as NC-devices, a new interface for WEB TV and others. Enhancements to this Browser to fully intergrate it within the powerful features inherent in OpenDOS should lead to a DOS Internet-ready operating system.

When available, WebSpyder can be found at either of the two sites listed below:

Some additional information:

The Adobe Acrobat files on the UK site indicate that the requirements are a system running OpenDOS, Dr. DOS (3.41 or later), PC-DOS (4.0 or later) or MS-DOS (3.31 or later). Additionally, a 486 or higher cpu is recommended but should run effectively on lower powered systems.

The list of features include:

Historical notes:

*** DOS Browsers no longer being updated ***

The DosLynx Site: http://www.fdisk.com/doslynx/doslynx.htm

The .08 alpha version of DosLynx has been updated with improved handling of html codes and better error protection. In addition to www-browsing capabilities, DosLynx has support for FTP, gopher, local html files.

Works well with a SLIP connection. There is also a DosLynx\PPP bundle available at the site above.

The current version is .16a (last updated 9/96). Although work on this Browser has ceased for now, it does provide a fairly effective means of accessing web pages -- particularly those that are friendly to text-based browsers.


The FTP archive site to the latest executable (May 1995)

Minuet (ftp directory)

The best source of information on Minuet can be found at the url below:

Minuet: Frequently Asked Questions

From the Minuet documentation:

Minuet is an integrated package of TCP/IP network tools for the IBM PC and compatibles. It is aimed at all network users that wish to do email and other Internet services with a minimum of fuss and bother.

Minuet includes: Electronic Mail, NetNews, Telnet, World Wide Web, Gopher, FTP, Address book (Finger), more...

Open World Navigator

The Open World Navigator is a DOS graphical Web Browser that calls the included program "gethttp.exe" to retrieve and display pages off the World Wide Web. Support for embedded gif files is built-in. In addition, it can be used for displaying local html pages.

The documentation points to continued development, particularly tcp\ip, with suitable available libraries -- it appears, however, that work on this browser has ceased.

Demo version, release date September 1995.

Click below to download the Open World Navigator:

Open World Navigator, 222k zip

The author's home page: Giuseppe Zanetti

*** Alternate DOS Internet Access ***

Lynx through an ISP:

Unix Lynx isn't a DOS program, but it's included here as a viable DOS alternative to accessing the Internet. To learn more about how DOS and Lynx work together to bring you the Internet, try the link below:

Unix Lynx for DOS (screen shots available)

Quick usage tips for Unix shell accounts:

Working with The Unix Shell

If you're looking for a Full Featured Shell Account, The List and The Directory are two excellent jumping off points.

To make sure your html forms are compatible with text-based browsers, try Lynx-View or lynxit. Alternatively, the Telnet Servers Page provide a number of public access Lynx Servers.

The developers of Lynx can be found at their site below:


Search Page with DOS default settings

This search form is a work in progress. It looks fine now under Lynx and Bobcat but pretty bad with graphical Browsers. The reason is that I tried to "squeeze" as many input boxes into the least amount of space for a better text-based approach.

A graphical version should appear at a later date.

Software Search Page with DOS default settings

Technology Databases and General Search Engines

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