HCP-Sulzer, Zgoda-Sulzer and another marine engines built in Poland

Independent supplier of high quality spare parts from Poland

JASTRA offers deliveries of spare parts for some types of diesel engines built in Poland, mostly for marine and industrial applications:

(* - sorry, not all spares are produced now)

A. For following Sulzer engines built by ZUT ZGODA Swietochlowice:

B. For following Sulzer engines built by H.CEGIELSKI-Poznan:

C. For another engines built in Poland:

All products have the most popular Registers' test certificate, as for example: Polski Rejestr Statkow, Lloyd's Register of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, etc.

To place an enquiry for the ship, let us have following data:

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You may need reconstruction or update of old documentation for your engines.
Solution is here too.

Jastra DOES NOT offer spares for following engines:

Prices of genuine spare parts for MAN-HCP engines are high and time of delivery is long. Sorry. To skip our commission and improve delivery time, please visit:

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