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Independent supplier of high quality spare parts since 1990

JASTRA delivers marine equipment and spares of Polish origin,
in majority for customers working with ships built in Polish shipyards, but not only.


Acg screw pump

To place an enquiry for the ship, let us have following data:

1. Deliveries of Polish equipment and spares

Diesel engines

Cargo handling and transport equipment Towimor, Hydroster, Fama, Sezamor
Hydraulic pumps and steering equipment Hydroster,
Warynski, Bumar, Hydral,
Water pumps GZUT (Gliwickie Zaklady Urzadzen Technicznych),
Hydrovacuum (former POIE Pomorska Odlewnia i Emaliernia),
LFP (Leszczynska Fabryka Pomp),
SFUP (Swidnicka Fabryka Urzadzen Przemyslowych)
Another pumps Bialogon,
Tofama, Metalchem
Compressors Start air compressors:
H.Cegielski types Sc-115, Se-160, Sf-125,
WAN (Wytwornia Aparatow Natryskowych),

Cooling and air-condition systems compressors:
WUCH (VUKH) Debica,
ZPM Tarnow (Ponar Tarnow)
KZBMA Krakow (Krakowskie Zaklady Budowy Maszyn i Aparatury)

Turbochargers WSK-PZL Rzeszow (Zheshov) (expired licences of Napier and BBC)
Coolers, evaporators, heat exchangers RUMIA

Cooling systems, air condition systems Klimor,
PBUCh (Przedsiebiorstwo Budowy Urzadzen Chlodniczych)
Ventilation fans: Nyborg-Mawent (Malborska Fabryka Wentylatorow),
Filters, heaters, galleys WARMA
Fish processsing plants, incinerators Techmet
Purifiers, separators WSK-PZL Krakow (expired licence of Alfa-Laval)
Boilers Stocznia Gdanska / Pirometal,
ZBUK (Zaklad Budowy Urzadzen Kotlowych) production stopped
Burners ZBUK (Zaklad Budowy Urzadzen Kotlowych),
Electric equipment Famor lights, Famor control equipment,
Elmor motors, Elmor brakes, Elmor switchboards,
Efa regulators,
Dolmel generators, Emit generators
Mera, Lumel, Relpol, Elester, Apena, Belma, Besel, Apator, Celma, Aparel, Polam, Elta, Ema-Indukta, FACh (Fabryka Automatyki Chlodniczej), Fael, Ema-Silma, Elpor, Elektrocarbon, Elcal, FUMO, Elgo, INCO, Ema-Elfa, Inmet, Lamina, Mera-Poltik, Mera-Pnefal, Mera-Refa, ZAP (Zaklady Automatyki Przemyslowej), Ponar, Radmor, Rawar, Telpod, Tamel, Unimor, Tonsil, Mikroma, etc...
Many, many other, not mentioned here

Welcome to try our service

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2. Consolidation of deliveries from various suppliers in Poland

forklift When you keep direct contacts with many Polish companies, perhaps you will be interested in our service on completing and forwarding consignments from various suppliers.

The service usually contains:

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book 3. Technical documentation and consulting.

Do you have ship built in Poland? You may consult with us all questions concerning replacements and repairs of Polish marine machinery systems. As we are engineers, we may offer technicaly reasonable solution in close cooperation with the original system supplier.

Does your ship need reconstruction of old or lost Polish equipment documentation?
Data input service?
Perhaps solution is here?

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Why to use Jastra service?

We are not cheaper, than our suppliers, we are not better forwarders, than our speditors. That is sure.
By using our service, you save money and time:

To ensure safe and quality delivery of spares needed for your ship or industrial installation, we connect all the best available services in our region.

To ensure, you shall get correct delivery, we provide complete consulting service without separate payments. You may sometimes feel it as annoying, to see our frequent requests to clarify versions of needed equipment, however, we all know, it is just our life.

In case of bigger orders we offer discounts and / or coverage of transport and insurance costs.

We always accept our liability for ours or our suppliers faults. In such case, in close cooperation with the customer, we have to resolve the arising problems, to reach solution acceptable by everybody, including replacement of wrong delivery.

We can not declare, we can beat prices of Indian breaking yards,
however, many owners and managers of ships types:
Neftegas, Vikhr, Atlet and many others
are satisfied by quality of our service.

Do you have another suggestions for cooperation? Please, contact us.

For your disposal is our stock, located in short distance to harbours and international airport in Gdansk,
all our contacts and knowledge.

Great Seal of Gdansk with mediewian ship e-mail:jastra@

ul. Raciborskiego 51,
80-215 Gdansk, Poland

tel/fax/voice mail: +48-58-3479026,
tel/fax: +48-58-3476850,


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